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Health and Safety Management

Karara values the health and safety of all of its employees, contracting partners, site visitors and the wider community in which they operate, and are committed to a ‘zero harm’ philosophy relating to safety performance in all areas of the business.

As Karara gains momentum into an advanced mining operation, a risk based strategy for safety management has been embraced.

The Karara Occupational Health and Safety Management System is aligned to the AS/NZS 4801:2001 standard which provides a framework for industry best practice operations.

As standard practice, the Company:

  • Does not compromise on health and safety standards;
  • Includes health and safety considerations in planning work;
  • Identifies, assesses, mitigates and manages risks;
  • Ensures work meets relevant standards and codes of practices;
  • Develops, engages and empowers;
  • Collaborates and communicates with employees with respect to all health and safety endeavours; and
  • Maintains a health and safety system based on best industry standards.

A copy of our Health & Safety policy can be found  here

Through these practices, an exceptional level of safety performance at Karara has been achieved.

All contractors engaged on the project assist by submitting Weekly Safety Reports measuring a variety of leading and lagging statistics, initiatives and proactive behaviour.


Forging a strong relationship with contracting partners has enabled a co-operative and positive approach to mine site safety.  Joint initiatives have been undertaken to develop and establish a Safety Committee, a Health and Safety Constitution and weekly safety performance meetings covering a range of topics for the purpose of continually improving strong health and safety culture at Karara.